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Ligne St. Barth

Roucou Sun Oil

Roucou Sun Oil

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The fruits of the Roucou bush, with their fiery red color, are reminiscent of dreamy Caribbean sunsets. The natives of the Caribbean, the Arawak Indians, knew about the natural effectiveness of the plant and protected themselves from the sun by rubbing themselves with a mixture of crushed Roucou seeds.

The Roucou sun oil, inspired by this ancient tradition, gives the skin a perfect copper-colored complexion and also protects the hair. The cocktail of plant oils leaves a gentle shimmer on already tanned skin. The sun protection spreads easily on the skin, supplies it with valuable nutrients and envelops it in a light, velvety protection. Roucou sun oil pampers the senses with a floral-spicy scent that is characteristic of LIGNE ST BARTH sun care products. The oil prepares the face and body for the sun, protects dark or already well-tanned skin types and nourishes the hair.

Roucou oil, now a successful classic, has been around for more than 30 years and is the basis for the success of LIGNE ST BARTH .

25ml – 125ml – 200ml
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