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Trigger balls set of 3

Trigger balls set of 3

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Trigger balls for targeted activation

The small trigger balls are used for self-massage and for the targeted activation of certain trigger points.

The trigger balls can also be used for fascia training and are thus an alternative to the fascia roller to reach precise areas. The ball is rolled back and forth between a hard surface and the part of the body to be treated. The set of three contains a suitable degree of hardness for each part of the body. Pink stands for soft, lime for medium, and the hardest ball is azure.

Plus points for your fitness:

  • Ideal for massages for muscle tension and reflexology
  • Can improve mobility
  • Can relieve tension

Product details:

  • Set consisting of three balls in the hardness levels soft (pink), medium (lime) and hard (azure)
  • For massage and gentle stimulation of muscle tension
  • Needle valve for individual pressure regulation
  • Made of high-quality plastic
  • practical for on the go


Ø Diameter approx. 6.0 cm

Scope of delivery:

3 pieces

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